Is My House Haunted?

31st August 2009 • by Editor

If you had an infestation of insects in your house, you could call a pest control company and within hours your house would be cleared. But what if you suspect that your house is haunted?

Ghost Photograph

Mediums must get asked the question, "Is my house haunted?" but for what seems like a simple question, there may be a complicated answer.

Popular fiction, television and the film industry have conditioned the public into accepting the existence of ghosts as a possibility. Opinions range from absolute belief in the supernatural to sceptical cynicism, but what is the truth of the matter? And from a Spiritualist point of view, is there such a thing as a haunted house?

Haunted House?

Let's define what a haunted house is supposed to be. Typically people associate a haunted house with the presence of ghosts that may materialise visually, cause unexplained noises or move objects.

But is reported ghost phenomena associated with the "haunted house" itself or the people who are living there? If people are experiencing what they think is ghostly activity, then they need to rule out the down to earth explanations first.

Possible Causes of Experienced Phenomena:

• Intoxicants or psychosis.
• Vivid imagination or a semi-sleep state.
• Variable light sources (streetlighting, headlights or the moon).
• Over expectation of the house being haunted.
• Wind conditions, plumbing, electrics, animals or pests.
• Mischief or attention seeking.
• Noisy neighbours.

Examining Evidence

When strange things happen it is sensible to take a step back and look at what is actually going on. Sometimes things are not what they seem to be. For example, the photograph at the top of this page is a fake. Even when you see photographs or video footage of what looks like a ghost, you have to completely rule out any opportunity someone may have had to manipulate the images you are looking at.

If you think your house is haunted and you have heard noises, first find out if there is anything or anyone in the house that could have made that noise. Plumbing, lighting, neighbours, trees, fences or even the wind can cause unexplained noises. Once you are certain that there is nothing rational that could be making the noise, then you can start thinking about the possibility of the supernatural.

If you think you have seen a ghost, go through the "Possible Causes of Experienced Phenomena" list above and try to honestly evaluate what happened. If you still cannot explain what you saw, then perhaps you did see something.

No Such Thing as a Haunted House?

If you have eliminated every possible natural cause that you can think of, then ask yourself the question, "Why?"

Is the house being haunted by a ghost or is it a person in spirit trying to contact you? Spiritualism teaches us that our deceased loved ones sometimes want to communicate with us. If you attend a Spiritualist church you may get a message from them via a platform medium. But what if somebody in spirit wants you to know something and a medium is not around? They will attempt to get your attention and communicate with you in ways that may get attributed to ghostly activity.

A sensitive or psychic may be able to pick up on residual energy from a house, but this energy will only be a memory pattern stored within the fabric of the building. Whenever full blown poltergeist activity is reported a common theory is that it surrounds a living family member and not the actual house itself.

So in reality, there is no such thing as a haunted house, and what goes bump in the night may only be your grandmother letting you know that she is still around.


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