Pet Psychic Locates Missing Dog

8th March 2008 • by Editor

Josee Poulin of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia had almost given up hope of finding Lady-Belle, her three year old Shetland sheepdog who had been missing for seven months since she had escaped from a dog sitter in July 2007.

After advertising in newspapers, mounting a poster campaign around her neighbourhood and even publicising her search for Lady-Belle on Facebook, Poulin drew a blank. She then contacted Maggie Carruthers, an animal communicator in Halifax and sent her a photograph of her dog. Carruthers had a psychic vision, seeing the dog running in a meadow between a golf course and the Wyman Road.

Poulin then concentrated her search in that area and was delighted when residents on the Wyman Road reported seeing a dog fitting the description.

It wasn't long before the Yarmouth SPCA were called in to Wyman Road to set a live trap. A week later Lady-Belle took the bait in the area where the pet psychic had indicated, and after being reunited with her owner Lady-Belle received a clean bill of health, although she had lost half her body weight.


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